The life log-jam, it’s often not you that is stuck.

The life log-jam, it’s often not you that is stuck.

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Jim Bain / Log jam in Craighall / CC BY-SA 2.0

Often in a MindBody Constellation, the person who needs to move the emotion along is not you. We go back into your ancestry and sometimes and find a large emotional block.
A typical process is:
1) find on where the emotional block is
1) emotional energy is released/blown off/screamed out/sobbed off etc
2) the related “MindBody” of the collective group of souls in your line (ancestors) realise there is more than being stuck in this old state
3) the old state is resolved, finally, after this long held and accumulated energy is released
4) the collection of souls in your line realise YOU are the living representative, you ARE the one who is living now, YOU decide how your life is expressed.
Whatever your planning to do with your life, you are the one. Look for freeing ways to express your life without the guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, sadness, depression and so on.
You are not your emotions. This way of life does not have to be yours also. YOU are the leader. Let your spirit move!

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