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The life log-jam, it’s often not you that is stuck.

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Jim Bain / Log jam in Craighall / CC BY-SA 2.0

Often in a MindBody Constellation, the person who needs to move the emotion along is not you. We go back into your ancestry and sometimes and find a large emotional block.
A typical process is:
1) find on where the emotional block is
1) emotional energy is released/blown off/screamed out/sobbed off etc
2) the related “MindBody” of the collective group of souls in your line (ancestors) realise there is more than being stuck in this old state
3) the old state is resolved, finally, after this long held and accumulated energy is released
4) the collection of souls in your line realise YOU are the living representative, you ARE the one who is living now, YOU decide how your life is expressed.
Whatever your planning to do with your life, you are the one. Look for freeing ways to express your life without the guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, sadness, depression and so on.
You are not your emotions. This way of life does not have to be yours also. YOU are the leader. Let your spirit move!

The middle point of a constellation

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The great divide. People holding out on stuff. No one will give in. Could the division in the family be any bigger?
Look at how much space is in the middle of the room.
Looking for the keyhole so we can get this family group moving again. Things have been stuck and stagnate for along time, and this manifests like this in those living today.


Guy Pearce talks of his loss and constellation work.

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From the Interview show By Andrew Denton:

"Guy Pearce sadly lost his dad in an accident when he was 8 and in the liner notes for his album The Nomad he says he "forgives" him. Andrew Denton asks why the word "forgive"."

Watch him explain the awesomeness of something that needed to come.

“That broken part of you.”

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“That broken part of you.”
…It may not be your fault.
“MindBody Constellations celebrates people like you as leaders. You come to make the change. Your inherited and downloaded a program for that exact experience,  the one you came to change, it sits on your inherited genes as epigenetics… and now you’re off to your work… the right experience, the right emotions, the right time, just perfect for your plans for change…”
You’ve tried a hundred things to fix it. And if things improved, they did for a while but then the old stories and body came back.
For some of us, that broken part comes back the same, for others it comes back differently… because last time you sent it packing, well it learned that it was not going to be tolerated in that form, so it popped out again, later, in another way, but was essentially the same deep down, underneath. The same old feelings and thoughts.
For some, the hopelessness of escaping it can even make you arrive at the thought of pressing that reset button; suicide. It had become so big, so crazy you could find no way out, no way to go on, no-way to cease that noise, that guilt, shame, jealousy, loathing and so on, it just wears you out.
And thankfully you’re still with us or that friend of yours is, and you know that battle has been long. And thankfully there is still that yearning to live on, to do, to share, to see how far we can go.
And thankfully your dreams buoy you, to keep you at it despite that broken part of you has becoming more and more loathsome.
Your Guru didn’t heal you. The philosophies salved you for a while, but you’re still not free. The herbs, the diets, the retreats and medicines were a support. They gave you some space and they’ve become a familiar friend on this journey, but not the release and solace you can innately feel is possible.  Not that release and solace you feel when realising your freedom from a place of stuckness. Your innate knows it’s possible, but when it’s in your face, you get lost and overwhelmed, lost in that circle again.
Maybe the last time you went to a healer, things got pretty horrible and chaotic. That was not supposed to happen. You ran for safety, ran for hiding, the hopelessness of it all got too crazy. You wanted to throw the towel in. Better stay with the devil I know. That healer was rubbish.
On good days you know you’re a change agent in the family or in your community in different ways. You have some type of strength and clarity that they just don’t have. You can see a way forward, or a way for your group to be more.
Did you ever consider this unique strength and clarity attracted you to this family or group? You can see and sense the need to lead the group in a new way. Look at your own group and the frustrations you feel. See your visions and feel those old and new hopes. If life has been hard, right now you might not feel you’re a leader. The fatigue wears us all out. But with even a little knowledge of the hidden landscape that creates this experience you find so trying, you will see you’re the leader. Yes you, little old you!
Now think back into your ancestral line, consider someone like you came along. They initially had strength and clarity, they came to the family or group to bring about some change, but possibly it was too early or too much. That ancestor’s group may well have seen the merit or potential, but it was not acceptable for the family or community at that time. Maybe at that time social image and conformity meant the difference between getting by or being ruined and isolated. For the group, it was better to crush any change agents in the family or community than suffering the pains of not performing to normal social etiquette.
So the family crushes the person, your ancestor. It is unfair, unjust, they feel shame, guilt and worthlessess. They find that their hopes and dreams are dashed, ill-timed, poorly thought-out, it was all their fault. The needs of this person are ignored by the group. They sink into self-loathing, they are nothing.
Now thinking of your own plight in life; reading of your above ancestors potential experience, well, you might see the parallels with your own. Can you possibly enterain the thought that your broken part is not yours, rather a manifestation of your ancestors unresolved pain, and it has complexingly manifested in your own life as this broken part, that you can’t resolve, just like your ancestor could not resolve..
…And this is why no healer, physio, psych or chiropractor can fix you.  And you’ve arrived at this notion that you’re broken, in-part.  But we hope you can find comfort in knowing it’s not initially needing to be fixed here, but back where it all started. You were the one with the clarity, strength and resolve to step back into the family, take on that energy and to end it/resolve for all time. To stop that energy coming somewhere into each generation, stifling the life of one or many. We hope also that now you can see how big you are.
MindBody Constellations celebrates people like you as leaders. You come to make the change. Your downloaded program for the exact experience,  the one you came to change sits on your inherited genes as epigenetics (on top of the genes). A methylation of an experience of an ancestor; with all the emotions and physical expressions, so you can step into the right experience and try to fix it once and for all. But now you’re in it, you’re wondering what is going on… and what’s the way out?
MindBody Constellations break open the experience so you’ve can see what has fed the hopelessness, inhibiting the movement past it. With this knowledge, you become clearer and when you’re ready we go back to where it all started if needs, address the unjustness, provide what is needed and share the responsibility of what went on so that the soul in your line can come to peace and the group does not have this distress perpetuating in the family line. You start to bring that thing to an end.
Now your family line/group becomes aligned to a new way of being. Not broken, but heard, supported, respected and purposeful. And in making these alignments you notice you leave your constellation with choices you never knew possible. If not, you sense you can reach for something more and your journey goes on. You are free to stay with the old, and not loath it, or step into the change you’ve yearned for and blossom. Either way, your descendants are not debilitated or limited by this unresolved energy that has perpetuated for so long.
This is a journey to real healing. On this journey, if you were a drinker, you’d have the ability to choose to have a drink or two with friends and it’s not going to be a mess or a worry. You are free. You’re not stuck in the prison of a multi-step process, where you’re always the alcoholic/addict. …And now, you’re free, how much more time, energy and space will you have? That burden, that was not yours is gone and you’re free to explore life without that old yoke around your neck that you came to know so well.
We applaud you for being a leader, for having a love for a group and wanting to create a perpetual change for that group. Make the most of it, and set up a new direction for your group. You are the one.
Copyright 2017 Brad and Caroline Dunn.