What people say

“All I can say is it’s mind blowing! I presented myself to MindBody Constellation work after having done work previously with other therapists both mainstream and alternative, but I just couldn’t break the pattern. After experiencing three different constellations, on different perspectives of my life, I saw my relationships with my family improve, I started to move forward after being stuck in a rut, where life just felt like a constant struggle both in the home and the workplace. Things have cleared and I began to feel a sense of clarity I had never experienced before. Thankyou Brad and Caroline for your support and helping me to move in the right direction!
~ K.K. NSW. Natural Therapist.

My back pain had been with me consistently for 30 years. Twelve months ago I did a constellation, twelve months since that day I have enjoyed a pain-free back.
~ SL – West Sydney

I am a therapist doing body work since 1995 living in Ireland. I recently found Family Constellation work, I thought it would be good to work around my family of origin with the “anger” that my Mum and one of my sisters (Cate) have and which impacts the whole family. I wasn’t real clear if it was anger but that was what I called it. I worked with Caroline and Brad with regard to developing this understanding and then embarked on my first constellation.

In the constellation I saw my family just as they are, even though none of these people, who stood in for my family, knew me or my family (who lived in Ireland) During the constellation we worked with the ‘anger’ and found it to be lack of acknowledgement. The constellation took about 2 hours in which time we created peace in my family instead of the energy that was there. When my sister took the acknowledgment I gave her it was beautiful. It was a powerful emotional moment when I got to acknowledge my Mother and create peace for her too.

A week after my constellation, my daughter came to visit me and we had a row. This was not the usual “row” we would have, I felt powerless around the disagreement, when normally I can see where to go to have a disagreement resolved. I had to sit with the discomfort that I could do nothing, for a therapist this is hard, for a mother it is even harder! We talked and got to peace, quite fast considering the power of the row. I thought things throughout the disagreement and she spoke the same thoughts – this has never happened before for me. I felt the row was the one that could have happened with my sister Tina to clear the air between us, but instead was having it with my daughter – perhaps I was mistaken.

Two weeks later I returned to Ireland where we had a family party. This was the first party we had had in 18 months and the first time we were all together for some time. My Mum fell at the party and broke the neck of the femur. We as siblings had to work together to organise visits, care and home coming for Mum and rehabilitation. My sister (Tina) did the most work around the rehabilitation of Mum and getting her back to her own home. This was not normal – mostly my other sister and I do that work. There were no angry words, disagreements, everything flowed – unreal.

Cate had been getting “worse” with her attitude and other siblings had been seeing how angry and milland she was – this was what I had seen and experienced for many years. Their comment was “she’s getting worse, you can’t talk to her”. Recently my Mum said ‘Catherine is much better than she ever was”.

My constellation is still going on!! Amazing!! I believe the healing is still on going and I am very happy about that.

~ Alice.O., Ireland.

Since coming home from my session 3 weeks ago, I’ve been more relaxed and able finish without the normal rush that I usually experience. After a week, people in my group have made comment of my progress. After the session I immediately felt really calm and down to earth.
~ RH – West Sydney

I had reached a point in my life where my life-path was suddenly blocked. I was stuck what was my purpose here ? This question tormented me, I measured my level of success by looking at other people, people I did not understand. There had to be a purpose in my life. I did one workshop; things in my life started to change pretty much soon after. My purpose became irrelevant as I experienced an internal happiness which radiated all around me and engulfed me with a calmness that I had never experienced before. The workshop had activated a trust in myself.
~ IP – NSW

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