Events – Workshops and Costs

We publically constellate in:

Sydney, Cairns and the Gold Coast
in Australia

See our facebook page for coming evening and day events:

Private events are held in these cities and via SKYPE.

All our work is aligned to a 16 step transformational system or methodology. This is shared with clients.


A constellation with a preconsult and post-Constellation coaching for one month is $400-00 (anticipate about six hours work in total)

To participate in a constellation is $50-00 per day and this might change according to venue we are in.


Business Constellations are mostly done in private.
We have not done a business constellation where a client did not stay engaged with us for the longer term. They are SUPER insightful and work well to resolve old hidden dynamics you can’t seeming to push/manage/think through. Brad has had 20 years sales experience and 10 years leadership/management experience. Most of our clients have done 10 years plus personal development work. Some coaches call our work “beyond cutting edge”.

Business pricing is per hour. One client might need 3-4 hours of work, where as a more systemic problem might require sixty hours over 6 months.

Call Brad 0401155484 to discuss your goal or intention.

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